Das Fundbuero – Weimar Arbeitsgruppe

The second project under the name Das Fundbuero took place from March to August of 2009. It began with an on-the-street survey of Weimar residents to create a base of information on which later projects could build. Questions covered identity (as German, East German, former GDR citizen, FRG citizen), important dates in 1989-1990, and feelings about the future of former East Germany.

The survey results were discussed in a public meeting in April. From survey participants, meeting attendees and other contacts, a small work group formed. The group met weekly in a storefront space for discussion and to work toward developing a project that would function as a dynamic archive of East German history.

First edition of the newspaper Fundstuecke aus dem FundbueroIn July, each member developed the theme for a public even that was presented with the support of other members, including a showing of a documentary of Weimar during the GDR by West German television and open discussion nights. The project and events were documented in a self-published newspaper distributed in Weimar and beyond.

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