Das Fundbuero – Lost and Found Flyers

Das Fundbuero is an ongoing project about the German Democratic Republic, the political changes of 1989-1990 (the Wende), history and identity.

In the Lost and Found Flyers, interviews conducted with former East German citizens were used to create flyers about what was lost and found during the Wende. The flyers were posted on the customer bulletin boards in supermarkets in Weimar, Germany. Pull off tabs directed people to the website where they could upload photos and text, comment on and make links between entries.

Arbeiterstolz verloren – Worker’s pride lost: Through their work, people had created a personal pride and identity for themselves. This pride is related to our history.

Gemeinschaft verloren – Community Lost: The hardship created friendships; however, these were not real friendships. Rather, they were based on what we needed from each other.

Freiheit gefunden – Freedom Found: With the freedom comes responsibility. Not everything is possible even though it seems like it is.

Sicherheit verloren – Security Lost: The security, how life continues, no one knows. Now everything is changing with the standard of living.

Gelegenheit gefunden – Opportunity Found: Now there is the possibility to travel, to form your own opinion with the proof from your own eyes.