Be Part of my “Collectively” by Sponsoring a Project

I’ll be writing again in a few weeks with a full update about what I’ve been working on, but today I have a special request: I need your support for a project.

I’ve been commissioned by the Soap Factory gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota to produce a neon sign for their roof.

The message – Collectively we support your Autonomy – comes specifically from lessons I learned during my participatory projects in Germany, but I also see it as representative of my artistic mission in general, as well as the larger relationship between society and the individual.

I could not pick a better location for a message that raises questions about the world we want to live in and how we see each other in it. The location is highly visible to a broad public – the Soap has over 20,000 visitors a year and is located in a densely-populated neighborhood just two blocks from the Mississippi River and other local attractions. Additionally, there is a visual relationship to historical rooftop neon signs in the area.

Be a part of my “collectively” by helping to sponsor the project. I need to raise $3700 to cover additional fabrication costs. I do not normally work over my budget, but in this case, the aesthetic compromises to stay within the budget would have been too large for what is to me a very important project.

This is exciting new territory for me artistically. My work in public space is normally short-term or ephemeral, and this would be my first long-term installation. The sign will be unveiled October 14th and remain in place for at least one year.

Please visit the Kickstarter page I’ve set up for the project and consider a donation of whatever amount is possible for you. I’ve created a number of gifts to thank you for your sponsorship including original art related to the project.

Thank you in advance for your support, and I’ll be writing again shortly with more news, including a reminder for the October 14th unveiling celebration for the sign.

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