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HörMal is a multi-part collaborative project created with Mike Young that looks at the relationship of Weimar residents to the Park on the Ilm, the city’s largest greenspace.

For one part of the project, we composed a short jingle of the rules of the park. Dressed in matching “uniforms” (white pants and shoes, light blue shirts, light colored hats and dark blue sashes lettered with “HörMal”), we rode around the park and played the jingle on speakers mounted to our bicycles. The jingle was an experiment in delivering the rules to visitors in another, less authoritarian, fashion. Our hope was to prompt visitors to reflect on how they use the park and how they feel about the rules as well as engage them in conversation about the park.

Prior to the performance, we had surveyed Weimar residents about their use of the Ilmpark and knowledge of and attitudes toward the park rules. The information that we collected was presented to the Klassik Weimarer Stiftung and the wider public in the form of a map, documenting the project and survey results.

Click on the image to see the PDF of the bilingual map