Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan Large Events

Minneapolis 2040 is the city’s twenty-year Comprehensive Plan update. The Comprehensive Plan is an important citywide policy document that provides direction for Minneapolis’ built, economic, and natural environment into the future. The City of Minneapolis is required by state law to update the Comprehensive Plan every ten years and in preparation for the adoption of the new plan in 2020, I was engaged as part of the overall community engagement part of the plan’s creation.

I created four phases of engagement from 2017-2018 and used art and artists in tandem with city resources to present and gather community thoughts and experiences to help inform the plan. These events took place across the city to gather more expansive participation.

Some of the activities at the open house events included games, poetry writing, map interaction, portraiture, roundtable discussions, tours, conversations, and interactive idea boards. The goal was to provide fun, accessible, and varied entry points to representation and engagement with the city’s policies and plans.

While this was a very expansive and challenging project, I was able to create a landscape that inspired connections and quality input from citizens of Minneapolis. More information about the planning and implementation of this multilayered project is available- let me know if you want to learn more.